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Research & Development


We develop dozens of new products every year. Research & Development, which has long been one of our priorities, benefits all NutriXo’s business areas, whether it be in wheat, sourdough, or mixes, or the development of new frozen bakery products.

Beyond product innovation and more generally, NutriXo, facing the challenge of increased nutritional awareness, has invested greatly in the search for naturalness, nutritional balance, and organic food, as well as the implementation of new production processes. NutriXo has created several entities dedicated to innovation and product development:

  • The Academy, which groups together a team of researchers, engineers, and technicians, who develop, analyse, and check our products.
  • A central certified laboratory, made up of a team of specialists dedicated to progress. The mycopole’s purpose is to consolidate our advance in the understanding and management of mycotoxins.
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