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Sustainable Development


Growing our business while taking the sustainability of its social, ecological, and societal environment into account is nothing new for NutriXo. Issues related to Sustainable Development have been a part of how the company has been managed for many years.

NutriXo has a long-term vision for its environment and the people around it. Here are some examples of this:


  • Values: NutriXo’s employees have rooted the company’s development and future growth in fundamental shared values that are recognised by everyone:
    • Being genuine, which means being true to oneself, and fair in our relationships with colleagues; being able to question yourself and respect other people and cultures, as well as the rules and our environment.
    • Daring to be entrepreneurial is the collective desire to act boldly and decisively to shape our future, by being agile, by excelling ourselves, by creating, innovating and taking considered risks.
    • Working together is the pleasure of sharing our ideas and creating effective solutions with others, to reach our objectives and meet the challenges of the future.
    • Working for the long term is the drive to anticipate, to strive patiently and diligently and impart knowledge with a long-term vision.
  • NutriXo has drawn up a Code of Conduct, ‘Everyday Ethics’, which is aimed at every employee and is available on the Group intranet.
  • Training: NutriXo has a proactive approach to training. Ours was one of the first companies in the bakery industry to develop certificate courses for production staff (Certificat de Qualification Professionnelle – Professional Qualification Certificate), courses that are recognised by the entire food industry. Spending on training amounts to more than 2% of the Group’s wage bill, which represents twice the legal obligation for investment in training. In 2018, on average, three quarters of employees received training at least once in the year.
  • Career mobility: Thanks to the diversity of jobs we offer and the number of production sites we have around Europe, there are great opportunities for employees to change location or role within the company The Group’s products are sold in more than 100 countries around the world.

The Environment and Sustainable Development

  • Waste production has decreased in the last few years because of improvements in process management.
    • We sort our waste and recycle what we can: cardboard is recycled on all sites, pallets and metals are reused, and co-products (dough, bread, etc.) are sold to animal feed manufacturers.
    • Three million trees have been planted in India and Madagascar since 2011 as part of the Group’s carbon offsetting programme, in coordination with WeForest, an NGO that specialises in reforestation.
    • Up to 60% of our wheat can be transported by barge and up to 90% by train, depending on the mill.
    • Every year, a safety and environmental diagnostic is carried out on every site with a view to improving results. Rolled out in 2005, this annual evaluation now analyses more than 300 control points.
    • All our suppliers must make a commitment to their CSR policy.
    • All of the wheat processed in our mills is from France, and the majority of it is harvested within a radius of less than 125 km of each mill.
    • 100% of the wheat produced in our mills will be stored without insecticides by the end of 2020.
    • As of 1 July 2020, 100% of the eggs and egg-based products used by NutriXo Group in Europe will come from cage-free hens, and in the rest of the world by 2025.
    • 100% of the cocoa used in the Group’s viennoiserie and patisserie factories will be UTZ-certified by 2025.
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