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Respect for people and their environment


NutriXo pays particular attention to the safety of its personnel, its sites, and the environment.

To help site directors in their jobs, the company has set up a Prevention, Safety, Environment & Major Risks Department, which is attached to the Central Technical Department. It is responsible for:

Occupational health and safety

To protect people and the environment For this, the means of action are:

  • The evaluation of occupational hazards using the "Document Unique" (a document produced by the French Ministry of Employment containing all the information on occupational hazards);
  • The Work Health & Safety diagnostic using an internal NutriXo reference system;
  • Compulsory training; The creation and implementation of specific internal training courses.

The Safety of sites and their facilities

The Department organises and monitors risk analyses and hazard studies. It coordinates technical relationships with insurance companies and their accident prevention engineers. It implements organisation plans for fires and/or technical crisis situations, etc.

The compliance of equipment with standards and the Labour Code

Its task consists in providing the skills and the help required to enable projects to be carried out, and to ensure the long life of facilities, and the safety of employees.

Environmental monitoring of sites, through French ICPE regulations (Installations Classified for Environmental Protection)

It acts in particular in the fields of water, dust, waste, and energy saving, and attempts to guarantee compliance with waste standards.

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